Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Is he the Steve Jobs for Health Care or a super-rich hypomanic snake oil salesman?

Forbes reports on disruptive influence in health care. Or perhaps he should be called an accelerator.

On a typically perfect summer day in Los Angeles, Patrick Soon-Shiong, the richest doctor in the history of the world, is bunkered inside his clandestine headquarters (nestled behind a security gate so unobtrusive that Uber cars consistently miss it), ready to show around a kindred spirit. T. Denny Sanford, who made a $2.8 billion fortune selling high-interest-rate MasterCards to people with bad credit scores, is now in philanthropy mode, giving away most of his fortune to children’s charities and hospitals. And he’s come to see what’s been touted as the future of medicine.

Soon-Shiong, 62, has a lot to show. First, he walks him through a mock-up of a futuristic hospital room: 
He shows off a darkened room covered in computer screens: a control center from which a handful of doctors can monitor hundreds of patients, even when those patients are at home. And finally he calls up several computer programs that make sure doctors know, up to the latest scientific-journal article, the best treatment available. It’s a sweeping assemblage of data-driven toys–fueled by $1.3 billion worth of furtive acquisitions, almost entirely using Soon-Shiong’s own money.

He will be worth watching............

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